Beef Recalls

Recently two reporters went to a meat
plant undercover and made
disgusting videos of
animals being mis -
treated. As bad as this was -
and it is -
I would like to suggest a new assignment!

What I would suggest is that they go to any
clinic and film what happens there.
would be horrified. The pictures
would not be
pretty of babies undergoing
gruesome slaughter
worst than any meat
processing plant and I
would suppose worse
than any murder of
older humans.

Then I would like to see interviews of these
undercover reporters of women who have had
abortions at certain anniversaries such as at
1 year after the abortion, 5 years after the
abortion then 16 and then 21.

Here's what I would propose asking these
women and the men (fathers, boyfriends,
etc. -
70% of women are coerced into have
major surgery) they were involved with:

Age 1: Do you ever wonder what your child
would look like on his/her first birthday and
whom you would have invited to their first
birthday party?

Age 5: Do you ever wonder what your child
would look like when he/she steps timidly
on the bus for the first time? What would
be his/her first excited words to you upon
their return that
first day?

Age 16: Do you ever wonder what your
child's driver's license photo might look
like or whom they had a crush on and if he
scored a touchdown or the winning basket
or made the highest grade ever in math
or if she won homecoming queen or played
lead violin in the school orchestra.