Those Psych Test

Recently my organization required that
take a psychological test (Birkman)
to determine
what jobs we did best.

My results stated that I was perfect for
a Receptionist
Position! Never mind that
I work from home on
the computer about
70 hrs/wk. and love it -
especially when the
family is out. I won't even
answer the phone
when I'm working.

Fortunately, I can determine what I do
professionally but what
about the poor
souls who are evaluated by these
(and I've taken others with equally bad

evaluations of my interest & job skills).

Since I work for a Christian organization,
they be better off to save the money
and determine
what Gifts of the Spirit that folks
had? I'll bet Jesus
didn't consider having equal
numbers of red, blue, green
& yellow personalities
(Birkman) when He was selecting His 12 Disciples.

Oh well, we all know that Freud was a lot smarter
our Creator. Freud knew that we could all
be put in
a box and that we weren't all fearfully
& wonderfully
made! After all, many folks hope
that there's only
one of me anyway!

Just for the record, I've been told that I have
the gifts
of teaching, discernment and evangelism
so what
colors are those Sigmund?

Personal Factoid: In the past, I was a Youth Leader.


Anonymous said...

I walked into a coffee shop in Chapel Hill to find
the UNC student behind the counter with a bunch
of sponges pinned to her uniform.

"May I ask the meaning of the sponges?" I asked.

The student responded proudly, "My psychology
professor told our class that it was O.K. to be

Professor Howdy said...

Sad? Lonely? Worried?



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