Airlines & Unions!

Eastern Air Lines was a major airline in the USA and at times considered the largest in the world. A strike by the mechanics union sent the once thriving airline (founded by WW I Flying Ace - Eddie Rickenbacker) into permanent bankruptcy in 1991.

For years after EAL disappeared, union people involved in the strike publicly stated that their movement was victorious. It seems to me that this is about the same as two people in a canoe who have an argument and one shoots a hole in their canoe drowning both but as the canoe is sinking the shooter proclaims victory!

While unions probably served a purpose in the late 1800s, their programs have basically caused companies now to become non-competitive in the global economy. Many union members have never understood the first economic principal in the business world which is make a profit or die.

Added to this is the fact that the Democratic Party has become permanently allied with the Labor Union Movement. Basically an alliance has developed within the Democrat Party that combines the Labor Union Movement with Left Wing Academia, those who call themselves liberal Christians (which is an oxymoron), the Gay Rights Movement, Pro-Abortionist, Socialist/Communist Movement, etc. The Republican Party has become somewhat the de facto party of the working man, small business, Tea Party, Evangelical Christians, etc.

A Christian Worldview seeks a nation with limited government with great personal freedom and a Christian Faith which helps the poor, underprivileged & needy without the extremely high overhead of government (riddled with corruption) bureaucracy! This is exactly what Jesus Christ commanded His followers to do as they were to share the Good News around the world!

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