Voting For Ron Paul!

Ron Paul didn’t win any of the first three nominating contests, and he plans to largely ignore Florida’s winner-take-all primary on Tuesday in favor of focusing on states that hold caucuses, like Nevada, Maine and Minnesota. By picking up delegates in nearly every state, Paul and his supporters could potentially wreak havoc at the Republican nominating convention this August. - Rachel Rose Hartman

Then watch him align with Romney (for a price) - a vote for Paul is a vote for Romney & against the two conservatives still in the race! Then we're back to a McCain-Obama Type Presidential Race with unexcited supporters which will lead to a 2nd Term for the Regime that has literally destroyed the Great American Economy. All thanks - in part - to those Ron Paul supporters! One might just wonder if they will might feel just a wee bit used!

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Anonymous said...

At some point you need to vote for the best candidate and not just vote against someone else. I will hold my nose and vote against Obama by voting for Romney in November. The only substantive difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, at this time, is velocity. What they say sounds different, but what they do is similar.