Please Do Discuss Politics & Religion!

Years ago, I was dating a girl who ended the relationship after a few months. I asked her friend what the deal was & was told that all I talked about was politics & religion.

Fortunately this relationship ended because I prefer to have deeper discussions with friends about life's deeper questions rather than discuss such things as:

1) Who is dating whom?
2) What outfit another wore to the party.
3) What someone said about another.
4) What's on TV tonight.
5) How the (insert sports team here) are doing or not doing?

Please, please, please let's talk about a bit more weightier subject such as but not limited to the following:

1) Does Barack Obama truly hate the USA?
2) What is your position on prophecy?
3) What Gifts of the Spirit are you using?
4) What role does Israel play in Biblical End Times?
5) What is Christian Worldview & how many are using it?
6) Should we drink Pepsi since it's made from aborted babies?

Think that I will be invited to your next party?

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